BBQ Plan

▼ ▼ ▼ のどかな田園風景を眺めながら ▼ ▼ 
▼ ▼ ▼ ゆったり楽しくバーベキュー ▼ ▼ 
▼ ▼ ▼ While gazing at a peaceful rural landscape ▼ ▼ 
▼ ▼ ▼ Relax and Enjoy Barbecue ▼ ▼ 

  ▼  ▼   BBQセットレンタル付きプラン   ▼  ▼  

1組様1泊 7,000円


  ▼  ▼   BBQ Set Rental Plan   ▼  ▼  


1 group for 1 night 7,000 yen



 ◆BBQセットレンタル付きプラン♪ 1組様1泊 7,000円





BBQ Set Rentals Plan ♪ 1 pair for 1 night 7,000 yen

   This is a barbeque set rental accommodation plan.

   Bring your favorite ingredients and enjoy a barbecue with your family and


   You can use the BBQ terrace at 15: 00 ~ 21: 00.


   The room and amenities are the same as the standard plan.





   ・バーベキューコンロ 1台

   ・火バサミ(炭用) 1個

   ・耐火グローブ 1個

   ・チャッカマン 1個


  ■Rental Set Contents

    ・ One barbecue stove

    ・ Fire scissors (for charcoal) 1

    ・ 1 Fireproof Glove

    ・ 1 chakkaman

   *Food ingredients, charcoal and paper plates are not included in the set,

     so please prepare them.












[Request for using barbecue space]

・Usage time: 15: 00 ~ 21: 00. Please be sure to observe the usage time.

・Be sure to use the barbeque stove at the designated place (outdoor, barbeque terrace).

・Please refrain from the following items as they may cause inconvenience to the neighbors.


 Playing and playing music at a high volume, playing karaoke, fireworks, playing golf balls with hard balls, littering of cigarettes, entering our hotel premises, throwing garbage in and out of our hotel premises, and other nuisance activities


※ご予約確定時にメールにて「Mikan Hotelバーベキュースペースご利用にあたってのおねがい


*We will send you the details "Request for using Mikan Hotel barbecue space (Precautions, Prohibitions, and Disclaimers)" by email when you confirm your reservation, so please be sure to check it.



Upon completion of check-in, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the above cautions, prohibitions and disclaimers.




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